Interagency Security Committee Regional Advisors

The Interagency Security Committee's (ISC) Regional Advisors serve as a resource to address ISC-related questions and concerns. They provide stakeholders at regional or field offices a variety of advisory services including outreach, training, and support for implementing compliance programs. The majority of the Regional Advisor efforts focus on raising awareness of ISC policies, standards, and recommendations, as well as the importance of reaching federal facility security compliance. Regional stakeholders include department and agency officials involved in federal facility security decisions, Facility Security Committees, Federal Executive Boards, security organizations, owning/leasing organizations, and Federal facility tenants.

ISC Regional Advisor Contact Information

CISA Regions 1, 2, and 3

Joey Whitmoyer:; 202-815-4592 

CISA Region 4

Brian Pavone:; 202-746-1064 

CISA Regions 5 and 7

Joe Lang:; 312-502-5809

CISA Regions 6 and 8

C. Kevin Choate:; 202-258-5703

CISA Regions 9 and 10

Tony Evernham:; 202-450-9754

National Capital Region (NCR)

Scott Dunford:; 571-730-0163

Regional Office Locations

The CISA regional offices are in the same cities as, or in close proximity to, the 10 existing Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offices. Click on any state below to be taken to the regional page.

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