Microsoft Windows EOT Font and Adobe Flash Player 6 Vulnerabilities

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Systems Affected

  • Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer
  • Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player 6


Microsoft has released updates to address a vulnerability in the Windows Embedded Open Type (EOT) font engine. Microsoft has also published an Advisory about multiple vulnerabilities in Adobe (Macromedia) Flash Player 6 that is included with Windows XP.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS10-001 describes a vulnerability in the Embedded Open Type (EOT) font engine in Windows. Microsoft Security Advisory (979267) recommends that Windows XP users remove or upgrade Adobe Flash Player 6 (formerly Macromedia Flash Player) that is included with Windows XP. Vulnerability Note VU#204889 discusses one vulnerability in Flash Player 6 and provides several workarounds.

These vulnerabilities could be exploited by loading specially crafted fonts or Flash content via Internet Explorer.

Microsoft assigns the EOT font vulnerability a "low" severity rating in most current versions of Windows and notes that reliable code execution is unlikely. The severity rating for Windows 2000, however, is "critical."


A remote, unauthenticated attacker could execute arbitrary code, gain elevated privileges, or cause a vulnerable application to crash.


Apply updates from MicrosoftMicrosoft Security Bulletin MS10-001 provides updates for the EOT font vulnerability. The security bulletin describes any known issues related to the updates. Administrators are encouraged to note these issues and test for any potentially adverse effects. Administrators should consider using an automated update distribution system such as Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Upgrade, Remove, or Disable Adobe Flash Player 6

Adobe Flash Player 6 is included with Windows XP. Adobe has addresssed these vulnerabilities in newer versions of Flash Player. Upgrade to a more recent version of Flash Player (such as Flash Player 10). Alternatively, uninstall Flash Player or set the kill bit for the Flash Player ActiveX control as described in Microsoft Security Advisory (979267) and Vulnerability Note VU#204889.



January 12, 2010: Initial release

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