EXERCISE! EXERCISE! EXERCISE! Learn How to Turn Evaluations Into Real-World Communications Improvements.

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Effective training and exercise programs bolster emergency professionals’ proficiency with communications equipment, as well as improve their ability to execute policies, plans, and procedures governing the use of communications. The SNS showed strong participation in training and exercise programs, indicating progress in the right direction. However, it also found that very few public safety organizations use communications exercise evaluations to identify and capture gaps and needs. This webinar reviews ways to use evaluations to improve outcomes of emergency communications training and exercises in order to strengthen interoperability and continuity of communications. Join the webinar to learn about:

  • Implementing the NECP to close existing training and exercise evaluation gaps
  • Using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program to develop quality exercise evaluation objectives and plans
  • Benefits of using third-party evaluators

Presented in partnership with:

  • FEMA, National Exercise Division

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