How is 5G Impacting Emergency Communications?

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New and emerging technologies offer advanced capabilities to enhance command, control, and situational awareness for emergency response. Yet, the rapid rate of technology advancement continues to outpace the public safety community acquisition cycle. For example, the arrival of 5G – the fifth-generation technology standard for cellular networks – is transforming the way we communicate, introducing a vast array of new connections, capabilities, and services. As telecommunications networks are evolving to this next generation of wireless technology, 5G presents the opportunity to enhance operations, support information-sharing, improve efficiency and response time, augment security, and increase capacity for more connected devices. The SAFECOM Nationwide Survey found that more public safety organizations (60%) are currently using a cellular system than land-mobile radio (57%), and therefore, need to be prepared for the deployment of 5G. This webinar will identify actions organizations can take to prepare for the implementation of new solutions like 5G while ensuring successful operability and interoperability with existing systems.  

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • 5G capabilities and impacts on public safety communications
  • CISA 5G Strategy and other resources on preparing for emerging technologies
  • Leveraging the NECP to address emerging technology challenges

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