Leveraging Survey Data for Collaborative Initiatives and National Planning

1:00 PM ET
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As the emergency communications landscape continues to grow in complexity, stakeholder collaboration and engagement is critical. The SNS serves as a valuable tool for shaping the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP), providing a comprehensive view of the current state of emergency communications across various agencies and identifying areas for improvement. By leveraging insights from large national surveys like the SNS, public safety and emergency communications entities can better understand the changing dynamics of emergency communications and align their strategies with broader national goals.

The NECP emphasizes the critical role of partnerships in achieving resilient, secure, and interoperable emergency communications. This webinar will highlight the vital importance of systematic involvement from diverse stakeholders by exploring how the SNS was designed and how its findings inform national planning and support evidence-based decision-making for public safety leaders across the nation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Draw on insights from the SNS to better understand how stakeholders drive national emergency communications planning
  • Show attendees how to access the SNS data and think of creative ways to use it to advance their own agendas
  • Help attendees understand the importance of their professional networks in expanding the reach of emergency communications initiatives like the SNS
  • Empower attendees to recognize the value of their individual contributions to the emergency communications community
  • Inspire attendees to advocate for the inclusion of diverse partners in future SNS and NECP initiatives
  • Provide SNS and NECP resources for organizations to enhance emergency communication strategies and coordination