Making a Business Case for Security: An ISC Best Practice Webinar

2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EDT
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Making a Business Case for Security: An ISC Best Practice

Discover how to improve your ability to successfully deliver security recommendations to the C-Suite by creating a strong business case for security. Developing the business case(s) for security aids organizations by reinforcing the value and importance of security investments.

Security operates in an ever-changing world and evolving threat environment. Rapid advances in technology and the constant threat of cyber criminals are forcing the convergence of physical and cybersecurity that will require both short- and long-term investment. Security professionals must present a convincing analysis that informs the organization’s bottom line. A successful business case for security significantly increases the likelihood of receiving the necessary funding to reduce organizational risks and finance essential security functions.

During this webinar, members of the Interagency Security Committee (ISC) will describe a nine-step methodology from “Making a Business Case for Security: An Interagency Security Committee Best Practice” that includes the development of cost-benefit analysis. This resource provides recommendations for developing effective methods or best practices for analyzing security costs and benefits and developing/designing cost-effective solutions. The cost-benefit analysis will be demonstrated in the form of a real-world case study that will bring these techniques to life.


Daryle Hernandez, Chief, ISC

Scott Dunford, Senior Security Specialist, ISC

Chris York, Compliance Program, Policy Analyst, ISC