Using the CDM Agency Dashboard to Advance Cyber Defense (CDM222)

9:00 AM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT  
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You are invited to attend the Cyber Risk and Recovery Using the CDM Dashboard (CDM222) course on Thursday-Friday, July 25-26, 2024. 

This two-day, in-person course explores the features of the current CDM Agency Dashboard version such as details on Configuration Settings Management, CDM Enabled Threat Hunting, federal mandates such as Binding Operational Directives (BOD) 22-01, 23-01 and Executive Order 14028. Additionally, the systems security analyst roles for continuous monitoring will be discussed and other capabilities of the CDM Dashboard ES-6.  

  There will be nine (9) hands-on lab activities in the current CDM Agency Dashboard version, which include identifying the top risks to your network by using CVEs; searching for configuration misconfigurations; identifying continuous monitoring methodologies; how to use the known exploited vulnerabilities (KEV) catalog; exploring the Directives Dashboard and targeting CVEs related to BODs; and creating detailed filters and unique queries to produce tailored status reports.  


  • [CRITICAL] Student Technical Check: Approved registrants must attend the mandatory student technical check the day before the event to establish a connection to the course content and lab environment.   


  • Date: July 25-26, 2024 
  • Time: 9:00 AM EDT – 4:00 PM EDT 
  • Location: IN PERSON – Arlington, Virginia 
  • CPE Credits: Participants can earn 14 CPEs by attending this event in its entirety. You must log into the training environment and complete all lab activities to receive CPE credits. 
  • Attendee Requirements: This is a hands-on event. Attendees can use government-issued computers or personal computers. A second monitor is recommended.