April is National Supply Chain Integrity Month


Week 1: Building Collective Supply Chain Resilience

Authored by: National Risk Management Center

With the interconnectedness between the sectors and the scale of supply chain risks faced by both government and industry, managing risks to global information and communications technology (ICT) supply chains depends on a unity of effort. Kicking off the first week of National Supply Chain Integrity Month, we’re encouraging organizations and business across all sectors and industries to utilize ICT Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Task Force’s products and tools to strengthen their overall security posture.

CISA’s ICT SCRM Task Force is a public-private partnership that embodies the Agency’s collective approach to enhancing supply chain resilience. Over the past two years, the Task Force has addressed challenges to information sharing, analyzed over 200 threats to supply chains, and studied the impacts from COVID-19 on supply chain logistics.

The Task Force’s free and voluntary products incorporate industry best practices and standards such as those from the National Institute of Standards and the Open Trusted Technology Provider Standard (O-TTPS) to make these products the best possible tools. Additionally, the Task Force looks forward to releasing a number of products to include two new tools to help organizations assess the trustworthiness of their vendors and suppliers.

You can support Call to Action by downloading and sharing Task Force resources with your organization and stakeholders and by utilizing the social media toolkit to help spread the word about this campaign.

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