April is National Supply Chain Integrity Month – Fortify The Chain!


By National Risk Management Center



National Supply Chain Integrity Month starts today. CISA in partnership with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) and other government and industry partners is promoting a call to action for a unified effort by organizations across the country to strengthen information and communications technology (ICT) supply chain.

The 2022 theme is “Fortify The Chain,” referring to the ICT supply chain which powers our national security missions, critical infrastructure sectors, and private industry innovations. Adversaries target the ICT supply chain for this very reason to gain maximum access to every aspect of our society.

We live in a globalized world, connected by myriad supply chains and complex networks; a world in which the movement of people, goods, and ideas never stops. To stay ahead, every day more businesses are undergoing digital transformations to provide better customer experience, streamline operations, and more. While these changes are positive, they also bring shared security challenges where a risk to one organization can cascade to many.

With CISA’s role as the Nation’s risk reducer, the Agency is committed to working with public and private sector partners to enhance the security and resilience of the ICT supply chain. Throughout April, CISA will promote resources, tools, and information to help organizations and agencies integrate ICT supply chain risk management (SCRM) into their overall security posture. CISA’s themes for each week include:

  • Week 1: Power in Partnership – Fortify The Chain!
  • Week 2: No Shortages of Threats – Educate to Mitigate
  • Week 3: Question, Confirm, and Trust – Be Supplier Smart
  • Week 4: Plan for the Future – Anticipate Change

Resources include those developed by the ICT SCRM Task Force, a public-private partnership that embodies the Agency’s collective approach to enhancing supply chain resilience.

Check out our webpage weekly for resources, a social media toolkit, videos, and the latest news: Additionally, bring visibility to you and your organization’s involvement by leveraging these hashtags, #FortifyTheChain or #SupplyChainIntegrityMonth, to promote and help spread the word about this campaign.