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CISA Kicks Off 17th National Cybersecurity Awareness Month


“Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.”

WASHINGTON – Today, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) kicked off the 17th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance. This year’s theme “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” encourages Americans to own their role in cybersecurity by focusing on personal accountability and the importance of taking proactive steps to be safer and more secure online. 

“This year, we’ve seen a major, and likely permanent, shift in the way we work, learn, and socialize, as more and more of our activities have gone virtual,” said CISA Director Christopher Krebs. “Gone are the days when individuals could think about cybersecurity casually. Our homes, schools, and businesses are now more connected than ever, introducing a whole new set of potential vulnerabilities. Everyone needs to be aware of these risks and take an active role in addressing them. During this month, we are working to boost every American’s cyber readiness and our nation’s collective cybersecurity.” 

Throughout October, we are highlighting different aspects of cybersecurity focused on these weekly themes: 

  • Week One: “If You Connect It, Protect It.” – focuses on the ways in which online devices have impacted our lives while empowering all users to own their role in security by taking steps to reduce their cyber risk.
  • Week Two: Securing Devices at Home and Work – focuses on the steps individuals and organizations can take to protect internet-connected devices for both personal and professional use.
  • Week Three: Securing Internet-Connected Devices in Healthcare – focuses specifically on what steps the healthcare industry and their consumers can take do their part and be cybersmart.
  • Week Four: The Future of Internet-Connected Devices – focuses on exploring how technological innovations, such as 5G, might impact consumers’ and businesses’ online experiences, as well as how people and infrastructure can adapt to the continuous evolution of the connected devices.

We encourage you to connect with CISA on our social channels for the latest cybersecurity tips by following and using the hashtags #BeCyberSmart. For more information about National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, visit the NCSAM website.