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CISA Releases 5G Strategy for Secure and Resilient Critical Infrastructure


Today, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released its strategy to ensure the security and resilience of fifth generation (5G) technology in our nation.

CISA serves the unique role as a trusted information broker across a diverse set of public and private stakeholders. In this role, CISA fosters increased information sharing to help these stakeholders make more informed decisions when identifying and addressing future 5G technology priorities.

CISA’s 5G Strategy seeks to advance the development and deployment of a secure and resilient 5G infrastructure, one that promotes national security, data integrity, technological innovation, and economic opportunity for the United States and its allied partners. The strategy establishes five strategic initiatives that align to the Lines of Effort defined in the National Strategy to Secure 5G. Guided by the core competencies of risk management, stakeholder engagement, and technical assistance, CISA’s 5G activities will help ensure there are policy, legal, security, and safety frameworks in place to fully leverage 5G technology while managing its significant risks.

“The promise of 5G is undeniable, but with 5G technology posed to underpin a wide range of critical infrastructure functions, it’s vital that we manage these risks adequately and promote a trusted ecosystem of 5G componentry,” said CISA Director Christopher Krebs. “CISA is committed to working with partners to build a resilient 5G infrastructure, and this strategy identifies a roadmap of how we will bring stakeholders together to achieve this.”

In addition to the Strategy, CISA has released a 5G Basics Infographic to educate stakeholders on challenges and risks associated with 5G. Working in close collaboration with the critical infrastructure community, the Agency plans to publish sector-specific 5G risk profiles in the coming months.

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