Press Release

CISA Releases the Marine Transportation System Resilience Assessment Guide


WASHINGTON – Today, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is releasing an update to the agency’s Marine Transportation System Resilience Assessment Guide (MTS Guide) with a new, more accessible web-based tool for stakeholders in the maritime domain. The Resilience Assessment Resource Matrix provides users of the MTS Guide with a curated list of more than 100 off-the-shelf tools, methods, data sources, and useful examples from various government agencies, research labs, industries, and academic institutions based on their selected scale, scope, and objective to better understand and plan resilience assessments of maritime infrastructure systems and functions. 

Released in May 2023, the MTS Guide provides a comprehensive methodology to facilitate resilience assessments across various aspects of the maritime domain. It offers valuable insights and tools for scoping and planning resilience assessments for individual ports, networks of ports, and the inland marine transportation system. The MTS Guide incorporates advanced analysis techniques and is supported by relevant case studies, which demonstrate real-world application. This resource enables stakeholders to make more informed decisions about strengthening resilience by enhancing their understanding and management of potential risks and challenges faced by the industry. 

Today’s update adds important new resources and tools to better evaluate and address the resilience of port networks as well as the inland marine transportation system.

For more information on the MTS Guide Executive Summary, visit Marine Transportation System Resilience Assessment Guide.