Region 9 Team Scores a Touchdown at Super Bowl LVII


Regional External Affairs Officer Sherri Eng

As the final seconds ticked off the game clock at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the National Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs walked off the field as victors over the Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl LVII. The CISA Region 9 team supporting the event let out a collective sigh of relief. The conclusion on Feb. 12 of the nation’s most watched sporting event culminated in more than a year of preparation and game-day execution for the team of protective security and cybersecurity advisors, chemical security inspectors, emergency communications coordinators and regional operations staff.

On game day, a half-dozen Region 9 personnel stationed at command posts near the stadium kept a watchful eye on critical infrastructure. During the week leading up to the main show, the team also supported Super Bowl Experience, the fan activity event at the Phoenix Convention Center.

But preparation for the big event began back in 2021 when Arizona District Protective Security Advisor (PSA) Matthew Crymble received a letter from Department of Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appointing him as the Deputy Federal Coordinator, responsible for assisting the coordination of all federal agencies supporting the SEAR 1 event. PSA Crymble and his Region 9 team participated in numerous working groups with local, state and federal partners to prepare for a variety of potential contingencies, such as threats to critical infrastructure, a cyberattack, or a drone incursion.

Leveraging its regional connections, the team provided local partners an expansive suite of protective measures, which hardened physical, cyber and chemical security, and emergency communications capabilities. These efforts included physical and cyber security assessments of the 73,000-seat stadium; tabletop exercises; and active shooter and bombing prevention workshops, among others.

In the months leading up to Super Bowl LVII, Region 9 staff participated in numerous tabletop exercises testing emergency communications, cybersecurity, and public safety. Region 9’s Cybersecurity Advisor Mike Lettman participated in three cyber tabletop exercises that were designed to explore, assess, and enhance State Farm Stadium’s and Super Bowl LVII partners’ cybersecurity response capabilities, plans, and procedures when responding to a cyber event leading up to and during the game. The exercises helped partners identify key threat vectors and mitigate known risks and exposure. Region 9 Emergency Communications Coordinator (ECC) Artena Moon and Region 10 ECC Brandon Smith facilitated a series of exercises to test emergency communications plans and personnel capabilities. They also coordinated with local, state and federal agencies to address potential radio frequency interference on game day.

“Once again, I am proud of the integrated efforts of CISA Region 9 in this worthwhile endeavor,” said CISA Region 9 Director David Rosado.  “Our team has been working with our partners and stakeholders for quite some time leading up to game day.  We value our collaboration with our partners in the resilience-building community, and all of the hard work and preparation ahead of time culminating in a safe and secure event in Arizona, which was deemed successful by all.”

The team’s efforts did not go unnoticed. During his visit to Glendale during Super Bowl Week, Secretary Mayorkas gave a shout-out to CISA and presented PSA Crymble with his challenge coin for Crymble’s work on the Federal Coordination Team in preparation for Super Bowl LVII. 

“Super Bowl LVII was, by the nature of its size and complexity, a team effort,” said PSA Crymble.  “Thanks to the exceptional team of state, local, tribal, private sector and federal partners, we achieved our intent – to make the game the most exciting thing to happen on Super Bowl Sunday.” 

Region 9 has written the playbook on supporting Super Bowls. Last year’s event also took place in the region, in Los Angeles. And next year’s game will be in the region, in Las Vegas. The team has already begun preparing for that event.


Super Bowl organizers keeping a watchful eye on critical infrastructure during Super Bowl LVII

(L-R): CISA Region 9 Protective Security Advisors Brian Keith, Matthew Crymble and Gen Tamura, along with a half-dozen other personnel from the region kept a watchful eye over critical infrastructure during Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12 in Glendale, Arizona.


 CISA Region 9 PSA and others pose with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in front of State Farm Stadium in Glendale Arizona

(L-R): CISA Region 9 Protective Security Advisors (PSA) Brian Keith and Gen Tamura, Cybersecurity Advisor Mike Lettman, Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector Amanda Girvan, Chemical Security Inspector Leon Dame and PSA Matthew Crymble pose with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (center) in front of State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, the site of Super Bowl LVII. PSA Crymble served as Deputy Federal Coordinator for the SEAR 1 event.

CISA Region 9 PSAs and others supporting Super Bowl LVII

(L-R): CISA Region 9 Protective Security Advisors (PSA) Justin Brooks, Gen Tamura and Michelle Flores; Supervisory Chemical Security Inspector Amanda Girvan and PSA Brian Keith were among the top-notch regional team members who supported Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12 at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.