Unlocking Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity: A Sneak Peek into ReadySetCyber


By Sandy Radesky, Associate Director for Vulnerability Management

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, staying ahead of threats is essential. And while security is without a doubt a priority for businesses of all sizes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information available. At CISA, we have been diligently developing a solution aimed at simplifying the way our partners and potential collaborators understand their cyber risk and prioritize their investments, ensuring they can quickly navigate this complexity with ease. Our focus has been on making the process of working with us more intuitive and user-friendly so that every organization can spend more time meeting business goals and less time sifting through cybersecurity resources. We believe this approach will be especially helpful for smaller to medium sized stakeholders with fewer resources, who need help prioritizing actions to help them to reduce the likelihood and impact of damaging intrusions.

In early 2024, we look forward to launching a new way for organizations to understand their cyber risk and receive targeted, straightforward guidance built around our Cybersecurity Performance Goals. This new tool is called ReadySetCyber. While we’re not quite ready to unveil all the details just yet, we are excited to share a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

ReadySetCyber will simplify the process of incorporating cybersecurity into your organization’s business decisions, regardless of your level of expertise or the number of IT personnel you have on staff. Instead of making cybersecurity a daunting challenge, with the ever-present question of where to invest next, prioritization decisions become a guided, step-by-step process on a user-friendly interface accessible to organizations of all sizes. By providing tailored resources and insights in a streamlined format, ReadySetCyber will empower users to align scarce resources with the most impactful cybersecurity measures for their organization.

Our approach to ReadySetCyber begins with baselining your organization’s current cybersecurity maturity, based on your input to a dynamic set of questions, then providing actionable strategies, tools, and resources to mitigate risks effectively, along with a direct connection to your regional CISA cybersecurity advisor. We plan to launch ReadySetCyber in a beta capacity, while iteratively implementing improvements over time, using your valuable feedback as our guide. The questions for ReadySetCyber will be submitted for public comment before the end of the year, setting it up for public use in early 2024. This approach will help ensure we are not providing a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather tailoring our application to suit your unique needs.

ReadySetCyber is about leveling the playing field and enabling our wide variety of partners to make measurably effective risk reduction investments. Our aim is to simplify and streamline access to the right information, ensuring that every organization can make informed decisions to enhance their digital security. With ReadySetCyber, users will be able to provide feedback on their experience, enabling us in return to refine and enhance our application in a collaborative way. We are committed to listening to input and allowing it to shape ReadySetCyber into a capability that genuinely meets the needs of those who use it.

The information we received from our request for information that closed October 10 will greatly help us refine and establish this new capability. We are excited to bring you an application that not only offers a tailored bundle of actions and tools for your organization but a capability that will evolve based on your needs and feedback. Watch this space for more updates and details about ReadySetCyber’s beta launch and how we can work together to elevate your organization’s digital security, one step at a time.