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Every Friday in August, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and National Defense University (NDU) College of Information and Cyberspace (CIC) will host an interactive and informative program called Professors in Practice. Each week, a featured professor will discuss a topic around this year’s theme of Zero Trust and Cyber Threat Intelligence. The four virtual sessions focus on the what, why and how between these two concepts. These sessions are open to all who wish to attend. In each session, attendants will be able to engage with the professor as they learn important aspects and grasp necessary actions that should be taken for strong, sustainable, and resilient cybersecurity.

The Professors in Practice program showcases cybersecurity professors who are currently working in cybersecurity within the current and relevant topics they specialize. Their backgrounds and experiences provide unique, expert and relevant perspectives on the knowledge, skills and essential management strategies needed by both public and private sector professionals to establish sound security and resilience for their organization, Department or Agency.

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2022 Theme: Zero Trust and Cyber Threat Intelligence 

What to Know and Who to Trust- Understanding key points and your role with respect to Cyber Threat Intelligence and Zero Trust Architecture

Trust is an essential part of human connection. However, for network connections, trust can cause more harm than good. To prevent unauthorized access to secure networks, the Zero Trust approach has been adopted by many organizations. Before deciding which Zero Trust model is best for Departments and Agencies to implement though, it must first be determined which Cyber Threat Intelligence practices will be utilized to collect and analyze the data. There are many Cyber Threat Intelligence products and services on the market today and finding one that delivers on both relevance and usability is key. The push for Agencies to secure their networks by adopting Zero Trust cybersecurity principles and the ever-expanding market of Cyber Threat Intelligence inspired this year’s theme.

From Zero Trust Maturity Models, to information sharing, to the legislation and regulation, this year’s Professors in Practice series will discuss key topics and provide leaders with the visibility needed to support the development, implementation, enforcement and evolution of Zero Trust and Cyber Threat Intelligence security policies.

2022 Events 

Session 1: Cyber Threat Intelligence: From Legislation to Regulation
with Professor David Thaw RESCHEDULED: August 26, 2022: 11 a.m – Noon EDT

Key topics covered:

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Session 2: Cyber Threat Intelligence: Practical Applications and Impact of Information Sharing
With Professor JD Work on August 12, 2022: 11 a.m – Noon EDT

  • Professor Work will discuss cyber intelligence communities of practice, exploring their capabilities, production and the various dimensions to be considered when evaluating new reporting. He will look at how traditional tradecraft is sustained and adapted, and how new work practices change in contemporary distributed environments, as well as the risks that such changes can introduce across the intelligence enterprise. Explore the tensions between different incentives underpinning various business models for intelligence as an activity, and the challenges of cyber threat information sharing that can arise in session 2 off our four-part series on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Zero Trust Architecture.  

Key topics covered:

    • Understanding sources of cyber intelligence visibility
    • Evaluating private sector cyber intelligence production based on differing business models and incentives
    • The complications of cyber intelligence providers operating in a global market
    • Changing tradecraft and emerging pathologies
    • Implications of intelligence made public during crises

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Session 3: Zero Trust Architecture: How to Choose the Right Model(s) for Your Organization
With Professor Robert Richardson on August 19, 2022: 11 a.m – Noon EDT 

  • Professor Richardson will discuss Jamieson Twist's paper on Zero Trust Implementation and review the range of options available for Departments and Agencies seeking to implement Zero Trust Architecture strategies. He will explore the modular Zero Trust implementation strategy and how leaders can implement a similar approach.  Join Professor Richardson for session 3 of our four-part series on Cyber Threat Intelligence and Zero Trust Architecture.

Key topics to be covered:

    • Central tenants of Zero Trust security
    • Analysis of various Zero Trust models proposed and utilized 
    • Zero Trust model comparisons
    • Recommendations for Zero Trust planning and selection

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Session 4: Zero Trust Architecture: Choosing a Model Based on the Task
with Professor Rob Richardson & special guest Bryan Hall RESECHEDULED: September 2, 2022: 11 a.m – noon EDT

  • Professor Richardson is joined by special guest Bryan Hall, and together, they will discuss the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Information Security Center’s (ISC) efforts to consolidate security and standardize practices. They will provide an in-depth analysis of three case studies where Zero Trust was implemented, the reasons behind the decisions, and lessons learned. Join Professor Richardson as closes out the Professors in Practice series with the fourth and final session.

Key topics to be covered:

    • ISC mission and goals
    • Google Beyond Corp, an exploration with recommendations
    • Forrester Research Microcore and Perimeter, an exploration with recommendations
    • VMWare NSX, an exploration with recommendations

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Registration and Logistics 

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  • All Professors in Practice events are hosted in the Adobe Connect meeting room.
  • This training will utilize the Adobe Connect audio functionality and capabilities. There will be no external dial in. Students will need to use headphones and their internal computer microphone and speakers.
  • If you require reasonable accommodation to fully participate in this virtual event, please let us know at least five business days prior to the training with the type of support you need.


  • Who can attend the sessions?
    • All four sessions of the Professors in Practice Series are available to the general public. Those interested can attend any or all of the sessions offered.
  • How do I access the courses?
    • After you register for an event, you will receive a confirmation email with the DHS Connect meeting room link once your registration is complete. All Professors In Practice events are hosted in Adobe Connect meeting rooms. There will be no external dial in.
  • Do these events count towards DHS Leader Development Program (LDP) 12/12 requirements?
    • Yes. Each Professors in Practice event counts towards 1 hour of competency development per the DHS Leader Development Program (LDP) 12/12 requirements for supervisors, managers, and executives beyond their first year.
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