Protective Security Advisor Positions

CISA is continuing to expand our regional presence with Protective Security Advisor (PSA) Security Specialist positions. This is an exciting and impactful opportunity to provide input into CISA’s strategic goals as well as national strategy! As a PSA, you will work proactively and collaboratively with federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial government mission partners and members of the private sector stakeholder community to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Portfolio of duties include developing multi-sector Regional Resilience Assessment Program (RRAP) projects that examine physical and cyber resilience, working with partners to coordinate and support risk mitigation training and exercises, and supporting National Special Security Events (NSSEs) and Special Event Assessment Rating (SEAR) events, such as Super Bowls, Presidential Inaugurations, and Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

While these are permanent telework positions, selected candidates must live within the negotiated locality area, as travel is required to meet with regional stakeholders and respond to security incidents. 

Ideal candidates will have: 

  • Extensive knowledge of at least two functional areas in security administration, such as: personnel security, physical security, cyber security, information security, and/or industrial security programs.
  • Experience and skill presenting complex technical issues to a wide audience with varying levels of technical experience, translating risk and vulnerability into mission and business impacts. 
  • Skill in fostering and maintaining partnerships with stakeholders in both the public and private sectors.  

Major Duties

  • Leads the DHS effort in developing strategies to identify and inspect/assess key critical infrastructure through high level coordination with Federal, State, Local, Tribal, Territorial (FSLTT) executive level officials responsible for critical infrastructure protection.
  • Serves as the principal advisor to executive level FSLTT and private sector officials on security and resilience policies, surveys/assessments, and measures to protect nationally and regionally significant critical infrastructure.
  • Leads and develops complex, three-year-long, multi-sector Regional Resilience Assessment Program (RRAP) projects that examine physical and cyber resilience and inform long-term DHS, CISA strategic goals, as well as national policy.
  • Leads the DHS effort to conduct complex surveys/assessments; analyze and identify dependencies, gaps, interdependencies, and vulnerabilities; and determine the cyber-physical nexus of critical infrastructure during planning and event execution for NSSE and SEAR events.
  • Coordinates and collaborates with high-level FSLTT executives in response to, and recovery from, natural or man-made incidents, both physical and cyber, in accordance with the National Response Framework.
  • Identifies and develops strategies for DHS training based on needs analysis.

How to Apply

Make sure to review our resume and application tips prior to applying. Applications are accepted through individual announcements that are posted on USAJOBs as vacancies arise. 

Click "apply" on the job announcement, attach relevant documents, answer a few questions, and click submit. 

To receive email notifications when new CISA positions are announced, set up a "saved search" with keyword "Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency." PSA positions are titled as "Security Specialist" on USAJOBs.  

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