Supply Chain Risks for Information and Communication Technology

U.S. critical infrastructure relies on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)—defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as “the capture, storage, retrieval, processing, display, representation, presentation, organization, management, security, transfer, and interchange of data and information”—for daily operations and functionality. The Design, Development and Production, Distribution, Acquisition and Deployment, Maintenance, and Disposal phases of the ICT supply chain are susceptible to the malicious or inadvertent introduction of vulnerabilities such as malicious software and hardware; counterfeit components; and poor product designs, manufacturing processes, and maintenance procedures.

Exploitation of ICT supply chain vulnerabilities can lead to: system reliability issues, data theft and manipulation, malware dissemination, and persistent unauthorized access within networks. This infographic provides leaders at all levels of government and industry insight into how vulnerabilities can be introduced into the ICT supply chain, and the consequences of their exploitation.

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