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TIC 3.0 Interim Telework Guidance

To help secure the .gov during the unprecedented surge in telework, CISA released the TIC 3.0 Interim Telework Guidance document in support OMB Memorandum (M) 20-19 and the surge in teleworking. This document provides security capabilities for remote federal employees securely connecting to private agency networks and cloud environments. CISA recognizes that it is not comprehensive; the scope is limited to scenarios in which teleworkers access sanctioned cloud services. It is broadly supportive of a wide spectrum of architectural implementations including:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) users,
  • Virtual Desktop Interfaces (VDI), and
  • Zero Trust environments.

The guidance offers service providers with a sample template to reference when mapping their capabilities with the TIC 3.0 telework capabilities.

The guidance is not a use case nor an overlay and is not considered a component of the TIC 3.0 core guidance documents. The guidance is short-term for Calendar Year 2020. Best practices from this guidance have been incorporated into the TIC 3.0 Remote User Use Case.

Additional information regarding the TIC program and the TIC 3.0 Remote User Use Case is available on the program's CISA TIC web page.

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