QSMO Services - Asset Management


Services and tools that allow the agency to track hardware and software assets throughout the enterprise, including the asset's physical location and configuration. Select the services and agency provider logos below to contact service providers directly and learn more about how to obtain these services.

Security Posture Dashboard Report (SPDR) and Risk Scoring Validated Service

DOJDOJ's SPDR is an add-on application to Cyber Security Assessment and Management (CSAM) that provides tailored and actionable outputs by tracking configuration and vulnerability remediation, and associating hardware assets to system Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA) boundary associations. The result is tailored and actionable outputs, which deliver risk visibility and insight to drive positive change by supplementing CSAM Assessment and Authorization (A&A) data with Hardware Asset Management (HWAM), Software Asset Management (SWAM), Vulnerability Management (VULN), and Secure Configuration Management (SCM) data. SPDR enables risk-based decisions and provides insight into an agency's current security posture, as well as how to reduce cybersecurity risk.


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