SHARES Coordination Network Operational Levels

Operational Levels are designed to improve the responsiveness of the SHARES Coordination Network (SCN) during emergencies.  The SCN levels are updated real time on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN) made available to the SHARES volunteers (once fully registered).

SCN Operational Levels are defined as follows:

Operational Level 3 

  • Conditions normal.
  • No emergency exists.
  • The ten-channel SCN may be used by SHARES station personnel for training and non-emergency operations.

Operational Level 2 

  • Emergency potential exists.
  • Non-emergency operations on the SCN suspended.
  • SCN monitoring increased.
  • Communications operations established on the National and Regional nets to receive Stations Availability Reports.

Operational Level 1

  • Emergency exists.
  • SHARES message support required.
  • National and regional nets maintain full-period operations to receive Station Availability Reports, to list SHARES message traffic, and to coordinate the processing of SHARES messages.

Please contact the SHARES Program Office via the SHARES Customer Service Request (CSR)