CISA Gateway Digital Library

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The Digital Library, located within the CISA Gateway, allows federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies to share critical infrastructure resources and access security and resilience information to enhance their critical infrastructure protection programs, prepare for and respond to incidents, and research and analyze infrastructure security and resilience data specific to their needs.

Information within the Digital Library comes from many sources and is easily searchable to help users find what they need. Highlights of the Digital Library include:

  • A single interface connected to multiple sources of information, allowing easy access into a variety of infrastructure protection data and resources.
  • Intuitive information categories, such as "Risk Mitigation," "Cyber and Information Security," and "Policy & Strategy Documents," to enable users to quickly find relevant information.
  • Materials and resources on infrastructure dependencies and interdependencies.
  • Saved search history and smart links to trending information.
  • Ability for critical infrastructure protection community members to recommend information sources or content to be added to the Digital Library by sending suggestions via email to the CISA Technology Operations Center (TOC).


To learn more about the Digital Library and the CISA Gateway service, please send an email to CISA-Gateway@cisa.dhs.gov.