K-12 School Security Guide (3rd Edition) and School Security Assessment Tool

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The K-12 School Security Guide (3rd ed., 2022) provides a comprehensive doctrine and systems-based methodology to support schools in conducting vulnerability assessments and planning to implement layered physical security elements across K–12 districts and campuses. The primary focus of the guide is on protection and mitigation measures and strategies schools should consider in their broader school safety enterprise. The guide is designed and organized for local education agencies to employ in conjunction with the K-12 School Security Assessment Tool (SSAT), a web-based tool that provides further guidance on school physical security planning and implementation. Together, these resources outline action-oriented security practices and options for consideration across the K-12 school community.

To help users understand the sections of the K-12 School Security Assessment Tool (SSAT), CISA has developed a short “how-to” video which provides voice-over instructions walking users through each section of the tool and depicts screenshots during each step of the process. Users with additional questions beyond this video should refer to the K-12 School Security Assessment Tool User Guide or Technical Appendix (below).