Suspicious Activity Reporting Tool

A public that can identify unusual and suspicious behavior is essential to protecting our communities from terrorist threats. As part of the "If You See Something, Say Something"® initiative, the Department of Homeland Security developed a standardized process that enables critical infrastructure partners to report suspicious or unusual activities to the government via sector sites on the Homeland Security Information Network - Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI). This HSIN-CI Suspicious Activity Reporting tool allows non-uniformed, law enforcement private sector members to submit formalized suspicious activity reports and facilitate efficient information sharing and responsiveness.

User Benefits

The Suspicious Activity Reporting tool offers a variety of benefits to critical infrastructure owners and operators, as well as to government agencies responding to suspicious activity reports:

  • A streamlined and efficient manner in which to submit Suspicious Activity Reports to the Department of Homeland Security.
  • A standardized reporting form and centralized reporting area for suspicious activity.
  • An increase in situational awareness reporting to critical infrastructure owners and operators and government intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Please note that the tool itself and its associated processes are not intended to replace or discourage reporting to local authorities. Any criminal activity should be reported to appropriate local or federal law enforcement authorities.

Additional Information