Cyber Resilience Review

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The CRR (Cyber Resilience Review) course and resulting examination focuses on operational resilience and cyber security best practices. The CRR has a service-oriented approach, meaning that one of the foundational principles of the CRR is that an organization deploys its assets (people, information, technology, and facilities) to support specific operational missions (or services). The CRR is offered in a facilitated workshop format and as a self-assessment package. Successful students will be well versed in executing both formats. Further students are informed on the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information Act of 2002, which limits the material collected in a facilitated CRR, which is protected from disclosure. Students gain mastery of automated data capture and report generation tools, a facilitation guide, comprehensive explanation of each question, and a crosswalk of CRR concepts to the corresponding National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

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5 days