Strengthen Your Resolve - Understanding DNS Attacks

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The Domain Name System, commonly known as DNS, is often referred to as the "phone book" of the Internet. Every time we access the Internet to visit our favorite websites, shop and pay bills online, or access online portals for healthcare or banking, we depend on DNS infrastructure to securely route us to our intended destinations. While this shared infrastructure is incredibly powerful and useful, it also presents a rich attack surface for threat actors: allowing them to shut down websites and online services, replace legitimate website content with threats and extortion attempts, or even route traffic to a carbon copy of a legitimate website to steal any information entered by users trying to conduct business as usual.

Join to learn the following information and more:

  • Understand DNS and its vulnerabilities: Learn how the Domain Name System works, and how threat actors target its vulnerabilities to conduct malicious activity.
  • Identify signs of a DNS attack: Understand common red flags that indicate potential attack, and how to verify suspicious activity. 
  • Receive CISA guidance and best practices: Review official CISA guidance to help organizations prevent, mitigate, and recover from DNS attacks.
  • Explore real-life examples: Observe the impacts of DNS infrastructure tampering through documented case studies of attacks including how they were carried out, their consequences, and how the victim organizations responded and recovered.

This webinar is accessible to a general audience including managers and business leaders, and provides an organizational perspective and topic overview that may be useful to technical specialists.

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CISA (YouTube)