Trusted Internet Connections (TIC) Guidance Release Schedule

The TIC 3.0 guidance is designed to be dynamic and readily adaptable to keep pace with technological innovation. CISA will continue to produce and update the guidance through collaboration with agencies and vendors to maintain relevancy.

The table below indicates the current versions and statuses of the TIC 3.0 guidance.

DocumentStatusVersion and Released Date
Program Guidebook (Volume 1)Final1.1 (July 2021)
Reference Architecture (Volume 2)Final1.1 (July 2021)
Security Capabilities Catalog (Volume 3)Regularly Updated3.1 (December 2023)
Use Case Handbook (Volume 5)Final1.1 (July 2021)
Traditional TIC Use CaseFinal1.0 (April 2021)
Branch Office Use CaseFinal2.0 (April 2023)
Remote User Use CaseFinal2.1 (December 2023)
Overlay Handbook (Volume 5)Final1.1 (July 2021)
Cloud Use CaseFinal1.1 (December 2023)