Do the Right Thing. Always.

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OUR MISSION is to lead the National effort to understand, manage and reduce risk to the cyber and physical infrastructure Americans rely on every hour of every day. In certain cases, what we do or fail to do may mean the difference between life or death.

THAT IS A SACRED RESPONSIBILITY. A responsibility rooted in Integrity, Honor, Moral Courage, Trust, Always doing the right thing, Always choosing the harder right over the easier wrong, Always taking accountability for your actions and your words.

TREAT EVERY DAY AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BUILD TRUST AMONG OUR TEAMMATES AND OUR PARTNERS, to exercise sound judgment, to make & inform the best decisions with honesty and transparency. Trust is the bedrock of any worldclass team, but it can be easily destroyed by a lie or a failure to take responsibility for our words or our actions.

OUR CHARACTER is defined in part by what we do and how we act when we think no one else is watching us. In all things, we should remember that CHARACTER IS DESTINY.

Every interaction within and outside of CISA, from a simple internal email to a national strategy, reflects who we are and should be in the best interest of our team, our partners, and the American people.

SET YOUR MORAL COMPASS TO TRUE NORTH. Make your word your bond and your reputation one of unfailing integrity; your success and our team’s success - and the Nation’s success - depends on it.