Imagine, Anticipate, and Innovate to Win

Icon with person playing hockey

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky famously said:

“A good hockey player plays where the puck is.

A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.”

Being able to skate “ahead of the puck” is particularly critical in our work, where understanding and analysis of the operational environment will enable us to proactively anticipate disruptions to our critical infrastructure and effectively reduce risk.

Hone your imagination to see where the puck is headed. Use it to prepare for the most probable as well as the most disruptive. IMAGINATION IS THE MAGIC THAT FUELS OUR ABILITY TO SOLVE OUR MOST COMPLEX PROBLEMS, THAT DRIVES OUR SPIRIT OF INNOVATION, THAT GENERATES THE BIG IDEAS. Our ability to imagine the best & and the worst of what is possible will make the difference in ensuring the nation is prepared to respond to the full range of complex threats to our infrastructure, from cyber-attacks to weather events to terrorism to pandemics.

Develop and exercise against a range of scenarios to ensure preparedness and response and to build resilience. Focus on opportunities to improve our response - and share them. Given the stakes of our mission, every game could be a playoff. We will still need to win faceoffs, fight for loose pucks, and chase the puck when we get behind it.

Having the imagination to determine where the puck is going and skating ahead of it is how we will consistently IMAGINE, ANTICIPATE, deliver security and resilience for the Nation.