Lead with Empathy

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Brene Brown defines a leader as someone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential. In this sense, whether we manage teams or projects or just ourselves, WE CAN ALL BE LEADERS.

MAKE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND AUTHENTICITY YOUR SUPERPOWERS. To be an empowering leader. Lead by the “PLATINUM RULE:” TREAT OTHERS AS THEY WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED...which means really getting to know one another.

IMAGINE YOURSELF IN THE SHOES OF YOUR TEAMMATES AND ALWAYS TREAT THEM WITH RESPECT AND KINDNESS. Listen intently to others, being mindful and present and aware of how your words and actions may impact them. Show patience and kindness. Always assume noble intent; give your colleagues the benefit of the doubt. Remember that relentless positivity is a force multiplier and can be contagious.

BE THE TEAMMATE YOU WANT TO WORK WITH, the one that people seek out for advice and inspiration: someone who embodies confidence based on experience and knowledge, but who is always open to new and alternate ideas. Handle conflict with humor and grace. Talk with, not over, at, or to. Be calm and unflappable in the face of stress or crisis; remember that others are always watching you to see the example you set, no matter your role or position.

CULTIVATE THE TALENTS OF EVERYONE AROUND YOU by demonstrating genuine interest in our colleagues· lives, career goals, strengths, and development areas.