People First

CISA's Culture Icon-People

NO ASSET is more important to this organization than our PEOPLE. Continuing to attract and retain world-class talent is foundational to the success of our mission.

This requires creating an environment of PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY, where people can be their authentic self; where they feel cared for, supported, empowered, and always treated with dignity and respect; where they feel a sense of ownership for mission; and where they welcome accountability and responsibility for their actions.

PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST may often mean putting the interests of our customers, partners, and team before our own. When we focus on maximizing our individual interest, others realize we can’t be counted on because we’re too focused on ourselves.

SELFLESSNESS - seeking what’s best for others rather than what’s best for ourselves - is about realizing that the only way to create our own success is to “flip the telescope around:” broaden our focus and drive results for everyone through collaboration, empowerment, and teamwork.

The goal is not about becoming a star – it’s about building a constellation.

THIS FOCUS ON PEOPLE FIRST is even more important to those who have supervisory responsibilities; we should always remember that while our title may make us a manager, our people make us a leader. By putting our People First - obsessing about their growth, development & well-being and empowering them - we will ensure our own success and the success of our team.