Security Programs


As part of the CISA Infrastructure Security Division, the Office of Security Programs maintains comprehensive programs that build public and private sector security capacity to mitigate a wide range of risks. These programs further the Agency's ability to secure the Nation from many threats, including those posed to public gatherings and federal facilities through innovative risk mitigation solutions.

Mission and Vision

Mission: Deliver expertise and essential technical assistance to enable public and private sector stakeholders to build, or improve upon, security capacity to address the dynamic threat environment.

Vision: Critical infrastructure and public gatherings incorporate enhanced security protocols that mitigate threats posed by targeted violence and terrorism.

Products and Offerings

The Office of Security Programs provides public and private sector stakeholders with innovative capabilities that inform risk mitigation efforts. Resources – i.e., training, tools, security standards, and best practices – enhance the understanding of a variety of threat vectors, potential operational impacts resulting from a successful attack, and corresponding protective measures to mitigate the threats. Emphasis is placed on public gathering and federal facility security; however, capabilities are applicable across the 16 critical infrastructure sectors. Explore the below webpages to learn more about products and offerings from CISA Security Programs: