Learn More About the Updated National Emergency Communications Plan with One of these CISA Webinars

Last week, CISA released an update to the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP), the Nation’s strategic plan to strengthen and enhance emergency communications capabilities. The NECP provides guidance to those that plan for, coordinate, maintain, invest in, and use operable and interoperable communications to support public safety operations. These updates are necessary to address current gaps within emergency communications, reflect new and emerging technological advancements, and provide guidance to drive the Nation towards a common end-state for communications. 

While CISA worked with more than 3,500 stakeholders to update the NECP, the job is not done. Over the coming months, we will work with the emergency response community to implement the NECP and ensure emergency responders and others can communicate effectively under all emergency situations. 

As part of implementing the NECP, CISA will be hosting a series of webinars over the next couple of weeks to help first responders and other public safety personnel understand the updates and ask questions. The webinars are free and open to anyone.

NECP webinars will take place on the following dates:

Wednesday, October 2 – 3:00 PM EDT

Tuesday, October 8 – 4:00 PM EDT

Wednesday, October 9 – 11:00 AM EDT

Link (for visual): https://share.dhs.gov/necp2019

Dial in (for audio): (800) 381-7839

You can also contact necp@cisa.dhs.gov if you have questions.