CISA, Crius Technology Group, and Idaho National Laboratory Join Together to Test Emergency Communications Use of High Voltage Power Lines

WASHINGTON – The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Crius Technology Group (CTG), and Idaho National Laboratory (INL) conducted a successful test of the patented CommCube technology which sends and receives communication signals across high voltage power lines. 

CISA leads the nation’s operable and interoperable public safety, national security, and emergency preparedness communications efforts. CISA partnered with Crius Technology Group to conduct the test of the CommCube technology as an alternate communication pathway in response to communications challenges resulting from congestion, damage, or destruction.  The demonstration was conducted at the Department of Energy’s INL, a leading center for national and homeland security research, development, and testing.

"The ability for first responders and emergency managers to communicate during an emergency is critical to public safety,” said CISA Executive Assistant Director for Emergency Communications Billy Bob Brown, Jr.  “The CommCube technology is one of the ways we can ensure this communication is possible.  CISA is committed to working with our partners to continuing to find new and innovative ways to build resilience into our nation’s emergency communications systems.”

“It was gratifying to see that our first test validated the capabilities of the CommCube to support CISA's emergency communication efforts,” said David Pierson, CEO, Crius Technology Group. “We look forward to continuing our work with CISA in further developing Crius' adaptive, interoperable mesh technology to help the national security and emergency preparedness community communicate effectively as they focus on keeping our nation safe.”

The week-long test took place in June at the INL, demonstrating CommCube’s ability to move five different data files of various sizes and formats across two miles of high voltage power lines. 

The CommCube exceeded testing requirements by successfully transferring  multiple data types of various sizes over a three-mile distance, including an online meeting with voice and video capabilities, utilizing multiple devices, without degradation to quality. In total, eight different file types, along with large audio and video files, were simultaneously transported and unpacked by the CommCube successfully.