Counterterrorism Committees & Working Groups

The committees and working groups listed below include links from this website and from Department of Homeland Security component agency websites.

DHS Advisory Groups

Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council
Established to facilitate effective coordination between Federal infrastructure protection programs with the infrastructure protection activities of the private sector and of state, local, territorial and tribal governments.

Critical Infrastructure Sector Partnership
Critical infrastructure protection is a shared responsibility among federal, state, local and tribal governments, and the owners and operators of the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources.

Homeland Security Advisory Council
Provides advice and recommendations to the Secretary on matters related to homeland security. The Council is comprised of leaders from state and local government, first responder communities, the private sector, and academia.

National Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIAC)
Provides advice to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the President on the security of information systems for the public and private institutions that constitute the critical infrastructure of our nation’s economy.

State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordinating Council
The State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordinating Council works with the federal government and critical infrastructure/key resources owners to protect the nation's critical infrastructure.

DHS Committees

The DHS Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee
Advises the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department's Chief Privacy Officer on programmatic, policy, operational, administrative and technological issues relevant to the Department that affect individual privacy, data integrity and data interoperability and other privacy related issues.

Homeland Security Information Network Advisory Committee
The Homeland Security Information Network Advisory Committee provides a balanced perspective of the federal, state, local, tribal and private sector communities whom they represent.

Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee
Serves as a source of independent, scientific and technical planning advice for the Under Secretary for Science and Technology.

Interagency Security Committee

The Interagency Security Committee’s mandate is to develop standards, policies and best practices for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of physical security in, and the protection of, nonmilitary federal facilities in the United States.

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