Cyber and IT Interns

Are you curious and passionate about learning how America protects against cybersecurity threats? Then we want you! Start your cyber career with CISA!

CISA is hiring current students enrolled in accredited educational institutions from high school to graduate level for paid cyber/IT internships. If you are a student interested in the world of cybersecurity, then CISA is THE place where you want to work. CISA works with industry and government partners to defend against today’s threats and collaborating to build a more secure and resilient infrastructure for the future.

Our interns don’t just sit behind a desk. As a CISA cyber intern you will grow your skills and enhance your career potential as you work closely with cyber professionals on mission-focused projects, while learning in a fast-paced, technology-evolving environment. You will have a variety of robust and rich experiences, such as exposure to cybersecurity activities outside your immediate assignments, hearing program officials discuss major CISA and DHS initiatives to keep our Nation’s systems secure, and meeting intern alumni who are now employees. You also can tour our labs, participate in informal brown bags with senior management, and attend exciting local conferences and forums to hear from experts and newsmakers in other executive agencies, Congress, industry, academia, and think tanks about the importance of cybersecurity in safeguarding us against threats to our nation.

Download our cyber intern brochure to see more about the CISA cyber intern experience!

So, what are you waiting for? If your degree is (or will be) in cybersecurity, computer science, information assurance, information technology management, or a similar degree that requires the development or adaptation of computer applications and/or systems, read on for how you can join our team to help protect our homeland from cyber threats!

Programs for Enrolled Students

Pathways Interns

Are you an enrolled student? CISA offers paid opportunities to enhance skills and bolster career potential for enrolled students from high school to graduate level. This program is ideal for currently enrolled students who are graduating in the Spring of 2023 or later. Apply via the announcement on USAJOBs. CISA will post these announcements in November. 

To receive email notifications when new CISA positions are announced on USAJOBS, set up a “saved search” with keyword “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency” and be sure to add the filter for positions open to students and recent graduates! Additional filters may be added as desired to target the positions that most interest you. Learn more about the pathways internship program here


CyberCorps® Scholarship for Service (SFS)

Are you a student who wants to study cybersecurity? Be sure to check out the SFS program, which provides scholarships to students in cyber-related degree programs in exchange for a commitment to employment with government organizations. This is a unique program designed to recruit and train the next generation of information technology professionals, industrial control system security professionals, and security managers to meet the needs of the cybersecurity mission for Federal, State, local, and tribal governments. This program provides scholarships for up to three years of support for cybersecurity undergraduate and graduate (M.S. or Ph.D.) education. The scholarships are funded through grants awarded by the National Science Foundation. In return for their scholarships, recipients must agree to work after graduation for the U.S. Government, in a position related to cybersecurity, for a period equal to the length of the scholarship.  Learn more about the program at


DHS Intelligence and Cybersecurity Diversity Fellowship (ICDF)

Are you a student studying STEM, IT, cyber, or intelligence studies at a Minority Serving Institution? This new program provides paid opportunities for students to work alongside highly skilled intelligence and cybersecurity professionals at the DHS and CISA! Students will gain hands-on technical experience while participating in training and networking opportunities, as well as have access to mentors who will provide career advice and support. These internships could be extended beyond the summer and could lead to a full-time position after graduation!

Additional information on this program is found at the DHS ICDF Program page.

Programs for Recent Graduates

Pathways Recent Graduates

Have you just graduated from college? Congrats! CISA offers paid developmental experiences intended to promote possible careers in the civil service to individuals who have recently graduated from qualifying educational institutions or programs. This program is ideal for those graduating in Fall/Winter 2022, or Spring 2023, or who have graduated within the last two years. Apply via the announcement on USAJOBs. CISA posts opportunities as they become available. To receive email notifications when new CISA positions are announced on USAJOBS, set up a “saved search” with keyword “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency” and be sure to add the filter for positions open to students and recent graduates! Additional filters may be added as desired to target the positions that most interest you.

Presidential Management Fellows (PMF)

Are you close to finishing your advanced college degree (e.g., Master’s, Ph.D., J.D.)? Consider applying to the PMF program, the Federal Government’s premier leadership development program for advanced degree candidates. This program is for candidates who completed an advanced degree within the last two year OR will complete an advanced degree not later than the following August. Application period occurs once per year and is managed by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Learn more at

Cybersecurity Talent Initiative (CTI)

Are you a recent cyber graduate interested gaining 2+ years of vital public and private sector work experience at CISA? Consider applying to the CTI program, which is a public-private partnership aimed at recruiting and training a world-class cybersecurity workforce. This is a paid 2-year fellowship for recent graduates of cyber programs and includes options for student loan repayment. Application cycle occurs once per year and is managed by the Partnership for Public Service and occurs once per year, in the fall. Learn more and apply via the Cyber Talent Initiative website.

Cyber Intern Projects

CISA's cyber and IT interns have worked on exciting projects such as: 

  • Helped develop a database to automate the collection and aggregation of attributes.
  • Supported efforts to automate the collection of forensics from Linux distributions;
  • Imported PowerShell queries into a .net framework to use in Cobalt Strike where queries can be used to determine whether DCSynch can be executed;
  • Developed a Python script to help analyze logs, which can then be fed into the script to identify deny listed IP addresses and generate reporting;
  • Supported industrial control security efforts through development and application of systematic risk categories across critical infrastructure domains;
  • Helped develop a tool to assist with the identification and classification of phishing emails and a broader threat emulation framework; and
  • Leveraged Azure DevOps Server pipelines to ease penetration tester evaluations.


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