Quality Service Management Office (QSMO)

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) protects and safeguards our Nation’s critical infrastructure from physical and cyber threats that affect our national security, public safety, and economic prosperity. As the government lead for securing Federal civilian enterprise information systems and networks, CISA works with each Federal civilian department and agency to promote the adoption of risk-informed common policies and best practices and deliver tools and services that keep pace with ever-changing threats.  To help address these challenges, OMB issued Memorandum (M) 19-16 which describes the desired outcomes for shared services and establishes the process for designating agencies as Quality Service Management Offices (QSMOs).  DHS/CISA has since been predesignated as the Cyber QSMO.  The Cyber QSMO will be a government marketplace of high-quality cybersecurity services that align with Federal requirements in a cost-effective manner.

For more information please contact: QSMO@hq.dhs.gov.


The Cyber QSMO will offer a mix of services and technology.  The notional scope of services for the Federal civilian enterprise includes: Network Defense, Vulnerability Management, Security Operations, Incident Management, Threat Intelligence, Enterprise Intrusion Detection/Prevention, Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management, Domain Name System (DNS) Services, Hardware/Software Asset Management, Digital Identity and Access Management, Data Protection, and Mobile Security Services.


The Cyber QSMO’s objective is to standardize capabilities and management functions across all agencies to facilitate better information sharing and cybersecurity reporting in a more consistent and streamlined way. Our approach considers cost avoidance and capability standardization to allow agencies to focus on operations, improving defenses and facilitating better information sharing.

  • Standardize and automate mission support processes and data
  • Reduce mission support operation and maintenance costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction


The Cyber QSMO’s role reflects the governance structure organized in the mandated policy, requiring the establishment of a governance and accountability model that will be used to engage customers and enable Cyber QSMO performance excellence. The Cyber QSMO will leverage the governance structure provided as well as the CISA’s existing framework to operationalize governance to achieve consistency, accountability, maturity, and unity of effort.

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