Cyber Work Roles at CISA

As information technology becomes increasingly integrated with physical infrastructure operations, there is increased risk for wide scale or high-consequence events that could cause harm or disrupt services upon which our economy and the daily lives of millions of Americans depend. Considering the risk and potential consequences of cyber events, CISA is committed to strengthening the security and resilience of cyberspace, an important homeland security mission.

There are many cyber roles at CISA, to include cyber situational awareness, analysis, incident response, threat hunting, cybersecurity assessments, vulnerability management, federal network protection, cybersecurity training and exercisescybersecurity education, outreach and awarenesspartnership and engagement, and more. CISA uses the Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity (NICE Framework) to define duties and responsibilities of our cyber workforce.

There’s a mission area for just about any cyber professional! Explore them below:

Cross Functional Skill Community

Within CISA’s cyber workforce, the Cross Functional skill community must lead, acquire, and manage cyber initiatives, programs, and projects; develop cyber policies and strategies; and develop cyber workforce talent. Cross Functional roles touch lifecycle management, talent management, and/or strategic management through the lens of cybersecurity. 

The Cross Functional skill community at CISA consists of the following work roles. Click through below to explore them.

Information Technology (IT) Skill Community

Within CISA’s Cyber Workforce, the IT skill community must design, build, configure, operate, and maintain IT, networks, and capabilities. This includes actions to prioritize portfolio investments; architect, engineer, acquire, implement, evaluate, and dispose of IT as well as information resource management; and the management, storage, transmission, and display of data and information.

The IT skill community at CISA consists of the following work roles. Click through below to explore them.

Cybersecurity Skill Community

Within CISA’s Cyber Workforce, the Cybersecurity skill community must secure, defend, and preserve data, networks, net-centric capabilities, and other designated systems by ensuring appropriate security controls and measures are in place, and taking internal defense actions. This includes access to system controls, monitoring, administration, and integration of cybersecurity into all aspects of engineering and acquisition of cyber capabilities.

The Cybersecurity skill community at CISA consists of the following work roles. Click through below to explore them.

Cyber Intel Skill Community

Within CISA’s cyber workforce, the Intel (Cyber) skill community analyzes data and information from all sources to conduct preparation of the environment, assess cyber vulnerabilities, respond to requests for information, and submit intelligence collection and meaningful insights in support of planning and operations.

The Cyber Intel skill community at CISA consists of the following work role. Click below to explore this role. 

Join the Mission

CISA is always searching for diverse, talented, and highly motivated professionals to continue its mission of securing the nation’s critical infrastructure. CISA is more than a great place to work; our workforce tackles the risks and threats that matter most to the nation, our families, and communities.

To join this mission, visit USAJOBs and/or the DHS Cybersecurity Service to view job announcements and to access the application. Be sure to tailor your resume to the specific job announcement, attach relevant documents, and complete all required assessments. 

When applying for CISA’s cyber positions, please review CISA’s cyber roles above and update your resume to align your experience with the listed competencies. Your resume must also show demonstrated cyber/IT related experience in:

  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Oral Communication
  • Problem Solving

To receive email notifications when new CISA positions are announced, set up a “saved search” on USAJOBs with keyword “Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.”

Individuals eligible for special hiring authorities may also be considered during CISA’s one-stop hiring events or by emailing or

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