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Welcome to the Dams Sector Consequence-Based Top Screen (CTS) platform for prioritizing your Dams Sector assets.

Note: Data is not saved on this website. Information can only be imported or exported on your own device. Please export your CTS data to your computer, or print your results prior to closing the CTS tool.

The CTS methodology is a clear and consistent strategy and framework to identify and prioritize facilities based on potential for the most significant impact in the event of a failure or disruption. By focusing on potential consequences and separating the analysis from the threat and vulnerability components of the risk process, the CTS approach allows for the prioritization of high-consequence facilities, regardless of the hazard. This approach can serve as an effective all-hazards preliminary prioritization scheme for both dam security and safety purposes. As a prioritization tool, the CTS process can be used to inform and support decisions regarding additional analyses and detailed studies. We encourage you to read the CTS Manual for full details on the CTS methodology and implementation.

How to Use the Consequence-Based Top Screen Platform

Facility Data
Add details and data about individual assets
Utilize sector default weights or provide customized parameters
Obtain numerical and graphical ouput