Emergency Communications Month

April is Emergency Communications Month

Collaboration is in CISA’s DNA and is the foundation of our emergency communications mission – our stakeholders identify their challenges and guide the development of resources to address those challenges. Because this message is so important, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has designated this April as the first ever Emergency Communications Month.

Through its emergency communications mission, CISA conducts extensive, nationwide outreach to support and promote the ability of emergency response providers and government officials to be able to communicate in the event of a natural disaster, terrorist act, or other hazard. CISA also provides guidance on how facilities can establish protocols for identifying and reporting significant cyber incidents to appropriate facility personnel, local law enforcement, and the agency.

During April, CISA will highlight the growing community of emergency communicators and their role to the American public as well as our partnerships with stakeholders, without whom we would be unable to carry out our mission. We will also highlight how Emergency Communications fits into CISA’s mission while also promoting the role of cybersecurity in emergency communications.

During the month, CISA will also recognize and celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (NPSTW), which is held annually during the second week of April to honor telecommunications personnel for their commitment, service, and sacrifice. For more information on NPSTW, please visit cisa.gov/national-public-safety-telecommunicators-week.

For additional Emergency Communications Resources from CISA, please visit cisa.gov/emergency-communications and cisa.gov/safecom.

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