Public Safety Cybersecurity

Public safety cybersecurity iconReliable public safety communications ensure 24/7/365 access and delivery of emergency and life-saving services. As communications technologies become more and more sophisticated, so do the threat vectors posed by malicious cyber actors with the intent to disrupt public safety communications. "In light of the risks and potential consequences of cyber events, CISA is focused on strengthening the security and resilience of public safety communications.

This page compiles resources developed by CISA for public safety communications practitioners, as well as anyone looking to gain further knowledge about cybersecurity for public safety communications. This page provides resources to public safety practitioners regarding common questions related to public safety cybersecurity.

Resource Highlight: Public Safety Communications and Cyber Resiliency Toolkit

CISA's Public Safety Communications and Cyber Resiliency Toolkit. Public Safety communications and cyber resiliency resources in one place.

Not Sure Where to Start?
Public Safety Cybersecurity Overview Resources

Know What You're Looking For?
Cybersecurity Resources by Topic

Alerts, Warnings, and Notifications (AWNs)


  • The encryption webpage provides best practices and considerations for planning, implementing, and securely operating encryption with public safety communications.

Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM)

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

  • Cyber Risks to Land Mobile Radio - First Edition (.pdf, 1.32MB) 
    This document provides an overview of LMR systems, explores various forms of cyber risks to public safety communications, and identifies methods and resources to help secure these systems.


Radio Frequency (RF) Interference

Tools and Technical Assistance

Need Cybersecurity Best Practices for Your Cybersecurity Organization?
Best Practices Documents for Public Safety Organizations

Need Resources for Response and Recovery? 
Tangible Guidance on Securing Your Hardware or Software

Curious About Various Cyberattack Vectors Against Public Safety?
Documents Regarding Specific Attack Vectors

Do You Want to Reduce Risk? 
Resources to Help You Identify and Mitigate Risk to Your Systems and Networks

  • Guide to Getting Started with a Cyber Risk Assessment (.pdf, 441KB)
    This document describes commonly-practiced risk assessment steps and customizable reference tables for organizations to identify and document personnel and resources involved with each step of the assessment.
  • Cyber Incident & Vulnerability Playbooks (.pdf, 1.1MB)
    The playbooks provide federal civilian agencies with operational procedures for planning and conducting cybersecurity incident and vulnerability response activities.

Additional Resources

Cyber-Focused Public Safety Practitioners

  • Cyber Resiliency Resources for Public Safety (.pdf, 131KB)
    Assists agencies in determining their current network cybersecurity and resiliency capabilities and identifying ways to improve their ability to defend against cyber incidents.

General Public Safety Practitioners

For additional information on public safety communications resiliency, please contact CISA at

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