Homeland Security Information Network – Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI) Dams Portal

Protecting the Nation’s Dams Sector critical infrastructure, which provides a wide range of economic, environmental, and social benefits, is essential to maintaining a resilient Nation. Because the vast majority of the sector’s assets are privately owned and operated, active collaboration and information sharing between the public and private sector partners are essential to increasing the security and resilience of the Nation’s Dams Sector critical infrastructure.

The Homeland Security Information Network – Critical Infrastructure (HSIN-CI) Dams Portal is an information-sharing network that provides situational awareness and allows sector partners to effectively access and disseminate sensitive but unclassified information among federal, state, and local agencies and the private sector.

Dams Portal Features

The Dams Portal features a variety of tools to assist Dams Sector partners.

  • Report suspicious activities using the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Tool.
  • Share sensitive information openly among trusted community members in members-only areas, including areas for only private sector users.
  • Research dam security and protection documents, including roadmaps, handbooks, technical guidelines, and strategic documents, using the Reference Library Tool.
  • Access training products, including Dams Sector web-based training modules, webinars, and other related courses through the Training Tool.
  • Host virtual presentations, review and edit documents in real-time, and live chat with other experts in the field using the Webinar Tool.
  • Stay up-to-date on emerging threats and incident information through the Intelligence Bulletins and Notes Tool.


To request access to the HSIN-CI Dams Portal, please fill out the HSIN-CI Dams Portal Access Request Form and email it to damsportal@hq.dhs.gov for consideration.

If you already have access, go to the HSIN log-in webpage.

Additional Information

For more information on the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), please visit the HSIN webpage. For additional information on the Dams Sector, please contact the Dams Sector Risk Management Agency at DamsSector@cisa.dhs.gov

Download a printer-friendly fact sheet for the HSIN-CI Dams Portal.

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