Integrated Operations Division

The Integrated Operations Division (IOD) provides a national capability to deliver CISA services to our stakeholders and partners across state and local governments and the critical infrastructure community.

  • Via CISA Regions, IOD delivers:
    • Cyber and physical vulnerability assessments
    • Architecture review and design subject matter expertise
    • Incident response support
    • Exercise planning and support
    • National Special Security Event planning and support
    • Chemical facility inspections and site security planning to implement Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards

To ensure CISA is well-positioned to provide services to our stakeholders, IOD supports the following activities:

  • Via CISA Central, IOD provides 24x7x365 situational awareness and near-real time operational reporting
  • Via CISA Intel, IOD conducts all-source intelligence analysis, oversees CISA’s Reports Officers, and partners with the Intelligence Community to ensure support across CISA’s missions
  • Via Operational Planning, Readiness, and Continuity, IOD supports CISA-wide operational priorities such as Elections Security, COVID, and CENSUS 2020. This includes developing operational plans and Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and overseeing CISA’s continuity and readiness programs.


IOD prepares, plans, and manages CISA operations and the delivery of CISA capabilities and services to support the defense and security of our Nation’s infrastructure.  


A ready organization positioned to lead CISA’s operations to mitigate risk and enhance the resilience of our Nation’s critical infrastructure.  

Last Updated Date: October 29, 2021

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