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A strong password can only get you so far – we encourage government and industry partners to promote the #MoreThanAPassword campaign to improve our nation’s security. Everyone can enable multi-factor authentication (MFA), but many are not taking advantage of this extra layer of security. 

We need your help! Use the materials below on your social media accounts, internal emails, and help CISA get others to enable MFA. 

Social Media Toolkit

Twitter Graphic

More than a password twitter graphic

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More than a password cyber lyrics graphic

Facebook & LinkedIn graphic 

More than a password Facebook and LinkedIn graphic

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More than a password cyber lyrics graphic

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More than a password cyber lyrics graphic

Sample Posts 

  • Use #MoreThanAPassword! Malicious cyber actors are becoming more sophisticated. Protect your accounts with multi-factor authentication, or MFA. Learn more about MFA and use @CISAgov’s resources at 
  • It takes #MoreThanAPassword to secure your accounts. Learn how to add an extra – and easy! – layer of security to your accounts. Visit @CISAgov’s MFA resource center: 
  • If there’s one thing we recommend you do today to enhance your security - #EnableMFA! Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to securing your accounts online. Learn more: #MoreThanAPassword 
  • We encourage your organization to #EnableMFA. MFA or 2FA is a simple step to making malicious cyber actors lives harder. Take @CISAgov’s lead and learn how to get started: #MoreThanAPassword 
  • It’s #MoreThanAPassword – MFA can save you the headache of recovering the data or money that bad actors stole. Learn how to add an extra layer of security by visiting @CISAgov’s resources: #EnableMFA 

Email Template

Use this template to send to your family, co-workers, or within your organization to encourage MFA adoption. 


I ran across a campaign from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) that I must share with you! There are cyber attacks in the news all the time, but there’s one trick that helps to make your accounts difficult to breach, called multi-factor authentication, or MFA. Using just a password to login to accounts is like shutting your door at night. MFA is like locking your door at night. You need to use #MoreThanAPassword! I use MFA on all my accounts and encourage you to do so as well. 

How MFA works 

When you enable MFA in your online services (like email, bank accounts, etc.), you enter a password like your normally would, but you need to also provide an authenticator (like a text to your phone, email, face recognition, or other form) to verify your identity before the service grants you access. If your password becomes compromised, bad actors won’t be able to gain access to your accounts because they can’t match the second authenticator. 

Here’s how to use MFA to secure your account

MFA is offered on almost every online service. Generally, you can turn on MFA by heading to the account settings section or in security settings. Here’s more info from CISA: 

Let me know if you have any questions about enabling MFA. I hope this helps! 


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