Jump to the Head of the Line! Priority Services for Emergency Communications

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Emergency responders and government officials rely on a mix of devices to communicate during an emergency (e.g., land-mobile radio, cellular, landline). Commercial networks can quickly become congested during or immediately following an incident when first responders need them most. Priority Telecommunications Services (PTS) including Government Emergency Telecommunications ServiceWireless Priority Service, and Telecommunications Service Priority prioritize access for users to support national security and public safety communications. Due to the critical nature of these services, it is essential that organizations have standard operating procedures (SOP) governing the programs’ use, execution, and testing. The SAFECOM Nationwide Survey found that only 18 percent of public safety organizations have developed interoperability policies for priority services. This webinar will focus on the benefits of these programs and the importance of developing and updating procedures governing the services to promote interoperability and continuity of communications. During the webinar, participants can expect to learn about:

  • The importance of reviewing and updating SOPs for PTS operations
  • How effective governance of these programs can support and improve continuity of communications
  • Resources and tools that can assist public safety agencies with accessing priority services and incorporating them into their SOPs

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