Ready & Resilient: Cyber Incident Response Strategies for Emergency Communications

1:00 PM ET
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As a vital component of the nation’s critical infrastructure, public safety organizations remain a desired target for cyber threat actors. Establishing a culture of cyber readiness, helps organizations detect threats and enable coordinated, effective response and recovery efforts. However, the 2018 SAFECOM Nationwide Survey results indicated that while nearly half of public safety organizations experienced a cyber disruption that affected their ability to communicate, less than 15% of organizations conducted coordinated response and restoration activities, and only 7% deployed incident response teams.

To maintain the integrity of emergency communications systems and continuity of operations, public safety organizations must take proactive measures to respond to a wide variety of cyber incidents and vulnerabilities. By implementing cyber incident response strategies and funding ongoing cyber monitoring and mitigation activities, as outlined in the National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP), public safety organizations can successfully react and respond to cyberattacks on communications systems.

This webinar will provide public safety stakeholders with detailed strategies and best practices for identifying and responding to cyberattacks on emergency communications systems. Stakeholders will also receive real-world insights from public safety officials that have experienced cyberattacks.

Join this webinar to learn about:

  • Key gaps in cybersecurity readiness, as identified by the SNS
  • Leveraging the NECP to implement cyber incident response and recovery best practices
  • Common cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to the emergency communications ecosystem
  • Response strategies for the first 48 hours after a cyberattack
  • Resources that address cyber incidents for public safety organizations

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