SAFECOM Publishes SAFECOM Governance Operating Processes and Procedures (March 2024 Update)


Ralph Barnett, III, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)

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The SAFECOM Executive Board and SAFECOM Governance Committee is pleased to announce the publication of the SAFECOM Governance Operating Processes and Procedures (March 2024 update). The SAFECOM Governance Operating Processes and Procedures was updated to codify membership dormant status and leadership qualifications when conducting elections. Updates were made to the following sections.

Section 3.1: Membership Dormant Status was added to codify the process for removing inactive SAFECOM members.

Associations identified as at-risk, or without active representation, have the option to be listed in a “dormant” status, with their status re-evaluated on a six-month basis. Dormant associations will remain on the SAFECOM website, to show SAFECOM’s intent to be inclusive. Associations may only remain dormant for a maximum of two years before their SAFECOM membership is revoked.

Leadership eligibility qualifications were adjusted to include attendance of at-least two bi-annual meetings in Section 6: Election Procedures, and is noted in sections 6.1: Election of SAFECOM Chair and Vice Chair(s); 6.2: Election of Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs, and 6.3: Election of Board Members on the SAFECOM Executive Board, noting:

SAFECOM members are required to attend at least two bi-annual meeting to be eligible for leadership positions.

Members also requested the development of language that allows the SAFECOM Executive Board to bypass committee approval when necessary. This is codified in Section 4: SAFECOM Product Approval Process:

The Executive Board has the authority to override parliamentary processes, and deviate from normal committee approval processes with specific reason, with a super majority approval by Executive Board Members.

All members are encouraged to read this document. For more information on the SAFECOM program, please visit: