SAFECOM Publishes Updated SAFECOM Fact Sheet


Author: Wes Rogers, CISA

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The updated SAFECOM Fact Sheet continues to highlight SAFECOM’s background and mission and includes an interactive interoperability continuum graphic, additional hyperlinks to new and updated resources, and new formatting to facilitate SAFECOM’s outreach activities both in-person and through virtual environments. These changes further emphasize SAFECOM’s vision and gives a brief overview of SAFECOM’s focus areas to include emerging issues such as information sharing and cybersecurity, as well as the continued support of legacy public safety operations. The fact sheet also highlights how SAFECOM is actively impacting the public safety community at the highest levels by explaining its reach and involvement in other public safety governing bodies.

The public safety community is encouraged to explore and share this document to further highlight SAFECOM’s value to the public safety community. For more information on SAFECOM, please visit: