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Requesting GETS and WPS

The Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS) and the Wireless Priority Service (WPS) programs are companion services for priority calling offered by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security (CISA). CISA recommends that individuals requesting WPS also request a GETS card. The registration process will allow you to request both services at the same time.

Most organizations have a single point of contact (POC) who is able to submit GETS and WPS requests online. However, large or geographically dispersed organizations may elect to establish multiple POCs.

To establish a POC:

  • Click on your organization type below and complete the online form (click on “yes” at the Redirection page).

Federal Government
All other organizations

  • Once submitted, the Priority Telecommunications Service Center will contact you within five business days to review your request. Supporting documentation may be required.
  • Once approved, you will receive website login information (by email) and a GETS card (by U.S. Mail) within 10 business days. Notification of any WPS activations will be sent to you via email once the carrier provides enrollment confirmation.


For more information on GETSWPS or TSP, please contact the DHS Priority Telecommunications Service Center toll free at 866-627-2255703-676-2255, or via email at Current Points of Contact can access the GETS/WPS Information Distribution System.

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