ChemLock On-Site Assessments and Assistance

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Using CISA’s extensive knowledge of chemical security best practices, CISA chemical security personnel under the ChemLock program can provide virtual or on-site assistance and assessments that help facilities identify the specific security risks their on-site chemicals present and offer scalable, tailored suggestions for security measures that will best enhance their security posture based on their unique circumstances and business model.

To request any CISA on-site assessment and assistance services, please fill out the ChemLock Services Request Form.

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On-Site Assessments and Assistance

CISA’s ChemLock on-site assessments and assistance can help facilities assess the risk of dangerous chemicals at the facility and then develop security plans that address those risks. These services include:

  • Security Awareness Consultation: CISA experts work with facilities to identify potentially dangerous chemicals and the security risks that those chemicals may pose.
  • Security Posture Assessment: CISA experts work with facilities to assess their current security posture and identify security enhancements that are tailored to the facility’s unique circumstances and needs.
  • Security Planning Visit: CISA experts work with facilities to develop or update a security plan based on ChemLock: Secure Your Chemicals that is both appropriate to a facility's specific security concerns and drives actionable, cost-effective improvements in their chemical security posture.

To request any CISA on-site assessment and assistance services, please fill out the ChemLock Services Request Form.

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CISA’s Chemical Security Expertise

CISA is a recognized international leader in chemical security with more than a decade of experience in assisting facilities build tailored security plans to prevent terrorist exploitation of their chemicals through the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program.

Chemical Security Goals

ChemLock assessments and assistance use the holistic approach and security goals from ChemLock: Secure Your Chemicals as the baseline for all recommendations and suggestions given to individual facilities that possess dangerous chemicals. These security goals are:

  1. Can you DETECT an attack?
  2. Can you DELAY the adversary?
  3. Are you able to RESPOND in a timely manner?
  4. Are you securing your CYBER assets?
  5. Do you have the appropriate POLICIES, PLANS, and PROCEDURES to implement security measures?

By considering a variety of potential avenues of attack and approaching security from a holistic approach, facilities can choose cost-effective, efficient security measures that work best to protect their dangerous chemicals at their facility from the threats and hazards most likely to occur at their facility.


To request CISA’s chemical security expertise in helping to develop a facility security plan, please fill out the ChemLock Services Request Form.

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NOTE: Participation in any portion of CISA’s ChemLock program does not replace any reporting or compliance requirements under CISA’s Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) regulation (6 CFR part 27). Some ChemLock activities may fulfill CFATS requirements, depending on your specific security plan. Contact local CISA Chemical Security personnel or visit the CFATS webpage to learn more about CFATS regulatory requirements.