Paper-Based Houses of Worship Security Self-Assessment and User Guide

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The Houses of Worship Security Self-Assessment is designed to guide personnel at houses of worship through a security-focused assessment to understand potential vulnerabilities and identify options for consideration in mitigating those vulnerabilities. This self-assessment is a first step in building an effective security program; it is not intended to be an in-depth security assessment. After completing this process and addressing preliminary findings, houses of worship personnel may consider pursuing more detailed security assessments to explore specific issues in greater detail.

Houses of worship can use the results of this process in many ways as they partner to improve their security and manage risk. These efforts include prioritizing potential security measures, reviewing best practices and available resources, and developing investment justifications for internal budgeting processes or external grant requests.

In addition to there being a web-based version of this self-assessment tool, CISA also provides a blank, downloadable version of the questions housed in the tool.

The accompanying User Guide provides a step-by-step sequence for navigating the security self-assessment.

These assessment methodologies and recommended practices are also applicable beyond faith-based communities and can be utilized by other nonprofit organizations.